Hydraulic power packs supplied
by HP Hydraulics, Hampshire

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Power packs from HP Hydraulics can power hydraulic systems of all sizes, from a cylinder to a multi-station industrial application. Choose a hydraulic power pack from HP Hydraulic, and it’ll be designed and manufactured in our facility in Hampshire, ensuing you get a durable, reliable product. From 2kw to 30kw, we offer power packs in a wide variety of sizes for many different applications.

Our dedicated team have worked with clients across multiple industries, from marine to military, so if you are looking for a particular application, we can come up with a solution. If you need a power pack for a hydraulic pump, then we can ensure that you choose the right one for your needs, and that it’s made to a high standard.

From design and manufacture through to installation

Installation and commission of your power pack is easy thanks to HP Hydraulics. Based in Hampshire and covering areas such as Fareham, Southampton, and Portsmouth, we have a team of hydraulic engineers who can visit your site and install a hydraulic pump pack or other products from our range, ensuring it’s properly set up and ready to use.

Our skilled engineers can also carry out servicing of hydraulic power packs. If you have an electric hydraulic power unit or similar product, then regular servicing ensures it runs as efficiently as possible. Oil particle counts can be carried out on site, and our engineers have tools such as flow and pressure gauges in their vehicles, allowing them to carry out routine servicing. Get in touch for a free quote today.

Unparalleled Aftercare Support

When you purchase a hydraulic power pack in Southampton from HP Hydraulics, you partner with a company that can cater to all future requirements related to your power pack. Even though we custom-make hydraulic power pumps to meet the needs of each particular client and guarantee a flawless installation, we’re also always on hand to provide emergency repairs and routine maintenance services.

If you or your business needs a hydraulic power pack, Southampton-based HP Hydraulics has you covered. We provide fantastic products and the offer of a future partnership that can cover all your power requirements. HP Hydraulics make bespoke hydraulic power pumps that are custom-made to each of our customer’s particular requirements – we also provide careful installation, routine maintenance services and emergency repairs. By building up a stellar reputation across the industry, we are the name to trust with your hydraulics systems.

Nothing in this world, which includes electric hydraulic power units from Southampton, is impervious to wear and tear, but you can extend the lifespan of your power pack by years by letting our experts keep it in top condition. Should you experience problems with your hydraulic pump pack, you can trust us to restore it to full working order, helping you save potentially thousands of pounds in the long run. The next time you experience issues with your hydraulic pump pack in Southampton, give the experts at HP Hydraulics a call.

Searching for an electric hydraulic power unit? Southampton’s HP Hydraulics offers a vast and comprehensive range that can prolong the life of your power pack for ages while being rugged and hard-wearing. Any issues with your power pack will be quickly fixed by HP Hydraulics team of highly-qualified and experienced technicians and restored to excellent condition – saving you potentially thousands of pounds. Why not get in contact with us today? Our friendly and helpful customer service staff are here to answer questions that you may have.

Why choose HP Hydraulics?

  • We take care of all stages, from design to manufacture, installation, and commission of your power pack
  • We offer service and maintenance contracts to ensure you get the most from your system
  • Power packs can be integrated into existing machinery – a more cost-efficient choice than installing a new system
  • We’ve worked with companies of all sizes across multiple industries
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Hydraulic Services

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