Custom built hydraulic pumps

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With over 30 years of experience, HP Hydraulics design and manufacture hydraulic pumps in Portsmouth, Southampton and Fareham. Based in Hampshire, we create hydraulic pumps for a wide range of industries and customers operating all along the south coast. As well as hydraulic pumps, we can create high quality and bespoke hydraulic cylinders, power packs and compactors, all made to your exact specification.

Whether the industrial, military or marine industry, we can create custom hydraulic pumps for a wide range of clients and industries. Our expert and cost-effective design and repair services mean we can get your project complete quickly and professionally, resulting in less downtime for your business.

Hydraulic Pumps in Portsmouth, Southampton and Fareham: Design, Manufacture and Repairs

From the design stage through to manufacturing and aftercare, HP Hydraulics are committed to quality. Whether it’s replacing an individual hydraulic gear pump or repairing radial piston pumps, our professional engineers will ensure high standards of workmanship. At HP Hydraulics, we are capable of designing, manufacturing and repairing these hydraulic systems:

  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Gear pumps
  • Rotary vane pumps
  • Screw pumps
  • Bent axis pumps
  • Gerotor pumps
  • Radial piston pumps
  • Axial piston pumps

This list isn’t exhaustive, so if there’s something else you’re looking for, simply get in touch and we’ll try to fulfil your request.

Whatever your needs, please feel free to call and discuss them with our experts whenever convenient. From rotary vane pumps in Portsmouth, to axial piston pumps in Southampton, we are the team you can trust completely.

Hydraulic pump repair

Because of the expense of replacing hydraulic pumps, it’s often more cost-effective to repair them. Having years of experience in hydraulics, we have noticed that repairs often cost a fraction of the cost of replacement, and mean less downtime. Therefore, if you have a gear pump or other broken part, it’s worth getting a quote from us before you decide to repair.

With an emergency call-out service available 24-hours a day in Hampshire, we can quickly assess serious faults. We can also attend premises in the surrounding areas, and carry out repairs within a matter of days. Our knowledgeable engineers dismantle and assess the damage to rotary vane pumps or other hydraulics, and help you decide the best option. This may involve repairing the damaged part, or finding a replacement part if needed.

If a pump is beyond repair, or beyond economical repair, then we can also provide a free quote for a replacement. With the capability to design and manufacture pumps to meet your specifications, HP Hydraulics make it easy to get a quick replacement. We can manufacture an exact copy of your existing hydraulic pump in Portsmouth (or elsewhere) or, if you prefer, create a new pump that will function even more efficiently than the one it is intended to replace.

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Are you looking for a company to provide bespoke hydraulic pumps or repairs? Call HP Hydraulics in Hampshire today on 01329 828 877