HP Hydraulics are now able to complete on-site oil testing and flushing

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HP Hydraulics are pleased to introduce the award winning and revolutionary portable particle monitor for advanced on-site testing of your oils. The next generation V2 has many features including a combined LCD screen and memory as well as a pressurised internal flow path for oils up to 420 cSt.


Over 80% of all hydraulic & lube system failures are caused by contaminants in the fluid. Even when no immediate failures occur, high contamination levels can decrease operating efficiency and shorten equipment life. Hydraulic and lubrication systems rely on having clean and healthy oil in order to perform reliably and at their best.

However, oil can quickly degrade in reactions with water, oxygen and heat, leading to a change of composition and viscosity, and the build-up of contaminants which can lead to:

  • Costly equipment failure as a direct result of contamination
  • Varnish forming
  • Downtime
  • Loss of system performance

Types of Oil Contamination

Contamination comes from two basic sources: they either enter the system from the outside (ingestion) or are generated from within (ingression). New systems often have contaminants left behind from manufacturing and assembly operations. Unless filtered as they enter the circuit, both the original fluid and make-up fluid are likely to contain more contaminants than the system can tolerate. According to Noria (the industry body that promotes better lubrication practices), 80% of hydraulic & lubrication failures can be attributed to contaminated oil.

Solid Particulate Contamination

Particulate is a major cause of system failures and component wear. Particles found in hydraulic systems are introduced from a variety of sources, from new oil deliveries to air born dust entering tank vents, to internal corrosion of tanks and wear particles to name but a few.

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