Hydraulic cylinders manufactured for waste compactors

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The increase in the amount of waste going to landfill means that more efficient hydraulics are needed to compact waste into small loads, ready for recycling or disposal. If you’re in an industry that uses a hydraulic waste compactor, HP Hydraulics can help you improve the efficiency of your system through the design and manufacture of hydraulic pumps.

Based in Hampshire, and covering areas such as Portsmouth, Southampton, and Fareham, we also offer waste compactor repair, and can carry out regular maintenance to ensure your system is working to full capacity.

Waste compactor efficiency

If your waste compactor isn’t running as smoothly as usual, or is struggling to cope with large volumes of waste, then the issue is usually due to faulty hydraulics. If the hydraulic cylinder is failing, then it’s important to get the experts in trash compactor repair to check the issue. HP Hydraulics can visit your site, dismantle and diagnose the problem, and discuss the best option, whether it’s a simple repair or replacement of parts.

Sometimes, a cylinder can’t be repaired in a cost-effective way, and so a replacement will be needed. For older systems, this might mean you’ll need to have one manufactured. HP Hydraulics can take care of the design and manufacturing process, ensuring the part is made to the highest standards. HP Hydraulics are happy to give you a free quote for any work that needs to be done to your compactor. This means that when you need a compactor repair service, you know exactly how much it’s going to cost and don’t get any nasty surprises.

With many years of experience, we have carried out many compactor repairs, so you can be sure of the best result.

HP Hydraulics offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Hydraulic cylinder repairs
  • Commercial vehicle repairs
  • Wheel crushers
  • Brake packs
  • Marine hydraulic solutions
  • Hoses
  • Large blue waste compactor

Hydraulic Waste Compactor Maintenance in Portsmouth and Southampton

When you’re trying to minimise your expenditure in order to secure the future of your business, it’s easy to overlook costs such as heavy equipment maintenance. However, if you’d rather avoid the need to pay for an expensive waste compactor repair in Portsmouth or Southampton, you should let our experts deal with routine maintenance. By allowing our specialists to service your hydraulic garbage compactor in Portsmouth, you could potentially add years to its lifespan.

In addition to keeping your compactor in top condition, we can also ensure it continues to work as economically as possible, reducing your running costs in the process. As you can see, by taking maintenance seriously, you can avoid costly repairs while minimising your energy usage, making our services extremely high value. Call us today for any need related to your hydraulic waste compactor in Portsmouth.

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