Epoxy Coating

Engineer inspecting epoxy coatings

Industrial epoxy coating by HP Hydraulics

Keep your steelwork protected with epoxy coating. Steel coatings are applied to all types of structures to help reinforce them and add to their life expectancy. Our steel-coating process involves prepping the steel, decreasing the steel and applying an epoxy coating. At HP Hydraulics we use code 3 for marine applications and have a wide range of colours, textures and gloss levels to choose from. 
Man spraying a boat in epoxy coating

Our epoxy coating for marine applications:

There are two main areas of marine use. Because of the better mechanical properties relative to epoxy coatings, they are used for commercial manufacture of components where a high strength/weight ratio is required. The second area is that their strength, gap filling properties and excellent adhesion to many materials including timber have proven to work well for amateur building projects including aircraft and boats.

Industrial coatings by the experts in Hampshire

HP Hydraulics are the go-to company for many businesses requiring industrial coating. When taking on an industrial coating project, we can tackle small and large orders. With us you're guaranteed a prompt turnaround with a top quality finish.
Glossy red epoxy coating on metal
Fresh yellow epoxy coating on crane hydraulics

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